The following entries into this nascent blog will be about one subject alone: an appeal to reason.

I look upon my role as consequently an aggregator of tuth as I see it. I look upon my lifetime role, a long time unbeknownst to me, as a scholar and citizen journalist first and literateur second.

I start by sharing, because I am a sharer, by saying that my search for truth has taken me to the most interesting period of American and Italian history: the period of the Industrial Revolution, of urbanization, of immigration, the era where American wealth is consolidated, the era of labor/class struggles, the Progressive Era, the growth of the military industrial complex, the Red Scare, and World War I.

As I move along I will be building a bibliography that I will share.

I begin with Julius Wayland, The Appeal to Reason, January 5, 1906 who has articulated what I have been observing and attempting to articulate myself. I quote:

“When I see the masses apparently dead asleep to the meaning of thrir condition…..

when I see the rulers taking to themselves more power……

when I see the courts more and more becoming only the tools for the rich…….

when I see the voters losing what little comprehension they had of the purpose of the ballot…….

I feel a hopelessness that makes me heart-sick…….and I woner if life is worth its care and if annihilatiin werenot a joy”

I will close for now but leave with what comes next……the struggle that is worth making, that the power elite will only delight in our giving up, but which we all have the responsibility to make.

If there is a creator, and personally I have a notion of what this creator is, we have an obligation that we want to have, which must be a flaming fire in our hearts, to meet the creator half-way. In Hebrew the concept is “tikkun olam”. If we take on the task, as we can chose or not chose, we must struggle to complete the building of the world.

We have been given this earth and our lives. It is our job to be a steward/a husband of both. There is another way.

I appeal to my own reason and I am appealing to yours.

I hope to grow this blog in order to articulate a vision of this other way.

Analyses have been completed and there will be more. We have the diagnosis of our social sickness. We need to write our vision and tweak the prognosis as best we can

Salvatore Liotta
B.A. Sociology
M.S. Ed. English/Special
Retired Buffalo Public
          Schools teacher


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